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Franklin bifocals Sunday, October 23, 2016

Football Coach John Heisman    Football Coach John Heisman
[1869 - John William Heisman, college football coach, born in Cleveland, Ohio]

America's Cup - Sappho leading Livonia
[1871 - New York Yacht Club's Columbia & Sappho beat Livonia (UK) in 3rd America's Cup]

Swimmer Gertrude Ederle    Champion Swimmer Gertrude Ederle
[1906 - Gertrude Ederle, Olympic champion swimmer, born in New York City]

'Bruiser' Frank Kinard    Tackle 'Bruiser' Frank Kinard    'Bruiser' Frank Kinard    'Bruiser' Frank Kinard HoF 1971 induction
[1914 - 'Bruiser' Frank Kinard, College and Pro Football Hall of Famer, born in Pelahatchie, Mississippi]

Actor James Daly    Actor James Daly
[1918 - James Daly, Emmy Award-winning actor, born in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin]

Heeere's Johnny (John William) Carson
[1925 - Johnny (John William) Carson, TV host, comedian, born in Corning Iowa]

Actress Dianna Dors    Actress Dianna Dors
[1931 - Diana Dors (Mavis Fluck), actress, born in Swindon, England]

Songwriter & Singer Ellie Greenwich    Songwriter & Singer Ellie Greenwich
[1940 - (Eleanor Louise) Ellie Greenwich, (Gaye), songwriter, singer, producer, born in Brooklyn]

Hungarian Revolution
[1956 - Hungarian Revolution against USSR begins]

[1983 - Islamic terrorists bomb US Marine barracks at Beirut, Lebanon]
1983 Terrorist Attack on USMC Beirut barracks

Beirut bombing aftermath    Beirut barracks destruction
[1983 - Islamic terrorists bomb the US Marine barracks at Beirut, Lebanon, killing 241 peace keepers]

Specific Intent Not Required

Hasten not to ascribe bad motive to another when stupidity provides a sufficient explanation for the conduct you have observed.

William's Whimsical Words:

Mayhap another will return the courtesy to you.

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