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Franklin bifocals Saturday, October 22, 2016

Piano Virtuoso Franz Liszt    Piano Virtuoso Franz Liszt    Composer Franz Liszt    Composer Franz Liszt
[1811 - Franz Liszt, piano virtuoso, composer, born in Raiding, Hungary]

Actress Sarah Bernhardt    Actress Sarah Bernhardt
[1845 - Sarah Bernhardt, actress, born in Paris]

The Metropolitan Opera House
[1883 - Metropolitan Opera House in New York City stages its first performance (Faust)]

Comrdisn Curly Howard    Super-stooge Curly Howard
[1903 - Curly Howard (Jerome Lester Horwitz), comedian, actor, born in Brooklyn)

Researcher George Beadle    Geneticist George Beadle    Nobel laureate Geneticist George Beadle
[1903 - George Wells Beadle, Nobel laureate geneticist, President University of Chicago, born in Wahoo, Nebraska]

Actress Constance Bennett    Actress Constance Bennett    Actress Constance Bennett
[1905 - Constance Bennett, actress, born in New York City]

Actress Joan Fontaine    Actress Joan Fontaine    Actress Joan Fontaine    Actress Joan Fontaine
[1917 - Joan Fontaine (de Havilland), Academy Award-winning actress, born in Tokyo]

Dr. Timothy Leary    Dr. Timothy Leary
[1920 - Timothy Leary, psychologist, professor, LSD guru, born in Springfield, Massachusetts]

Artist Robert Rauschenberg    Artist Robert Rauschenberg    Artist Robert Rauschenberg's work: Canyon
[1925 - Robert Rauschenberg, artist, born in Port Arthur, Texas]

President Kennedy signs quarantine order during Cuban Missile Crisis
[1962 - President Kennedy imposes a naval blockade on Cuba]


The only thing harder than being homeless is being homeless in your own home.

William's Whimsical Words:

Homelessness is a state of mind, and is harder to cope with than being without a home.

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