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Welcome To the Poorwilliam Website:

William's no Poet, but a Jester be.
He makes his rhymes most civilly.
The Almanack contains the Kernel.
The rest of it is in the Journal.

Having learned of a life-threatening illness, William underwent an internal bloodless coup, (the Right Brain Revolution of 1997). The left brain that had ruled him with an iron hand was deposed, and William became delusional, thinking that he not only could write but had something to say. This website is the direct result of that regime change.

The site went up in early 2004, and has since grown in length if not in stature. There is no particular reason why certain material is included or excluded. It is neither a traditional blog, facebook page, nor YouTube offering, although it has aspects of all these. Should you discern some rationale for the way the material is organized, make sure your meds are current and send an email to the author. When in doubt as to the location of specific items, use the search feature.

Years after he began this undertaking, william gained an inkling of what it is. Apparently there is a venerable Jewish tradition called the Ethical Will. In an ethical will the testator passes to his heirs not his worldly goods, but his ethos (his guiding beliefs) gained from a fleeting life on this fragile planet. Like it or not, I have made you my heir.

Should you choose to read his stuff, you will likely find that william claims to possess few answers, and propounds fewer yet that ye can accept. If, however, you find here one idea worth remembering, or one thing that entertains you, it will have been worth the effort, both his and yours.

The poet Robert Frost once said, "If you have twenty-four poems, the collection should be your twenty-fifth." This website is william's twenty-fifth poem.

William asserts no proprietary interest in any of the photographs or animations that are used on this website, all of which are presented under the doctrine of fair use for the purpose of comment, satire, and literary criticism. All of the text material not otherwise identified as a quotation or specified as taken from another source is, however, his own original writing and should be attributed to him for better or worse.

In the unlikely event that ye should be interested in another of Will Henry's (william's) humble efforts, please see his: Vietnam Combat Veterans PTSD Survival Manual.

Read on at your own risk.

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