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Franklin bifocals Monday, October 24, 2016

United Nations Logo
United Nations Day

Tomb of Tycho Brahe, astronomer
[1601 - Tycho Brahe, astronomer,
dies in Prague at age 54]

Journalist Sarah Hale    Poet Sarah Hale
[1788 - Sarah Josepha Hale (Buell), journalist, poet, born in Newport, New Hampshire]

Attorney Belva Lockwood    Women's Rights Advocate Belva Lockwood    Women's Rights Advocate Belva Lockwood
[1830 - Belva Ann Lockwood, attorney, women's rights advocate, born in Royalton, New York]

Playwright Moss Hart    Pulitzer Prize Playwright Moss Hart
[1904 - Moss Hart, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, born in the Bronx, New York]

Singer & Musician Sonny Terry    Musician Sonny Terry    Musician Sonny Terry
[1911 - Sonny Terry (Saunders Terrell), singer, harmonica player, born in Greensboro, North Carolina]

Big Bopper J. P. Richardson    Big Bopper J. P. Richardson
[1930 - J.P. (Jiles Perry) Richardson, 'The Big Bopper' singer, songwriter, born in Sabine Pass, Texas]

The United Nations building in New York City
[1945 - The United Nations is established by charter and ratification]

US Fram I Destroyer turns away Soviet ship during Cuban Missile Crisis Quarantine
[1962 - US Atlantic Fleet ships and aircraft begin quarantine operations around Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis]

HoF Pitcher Sandy Koufax
[1963 - Sandy Koufax is unanimous winner of Cy Young Award]

[1973 - The Yom Kippur War ends with Israeli forces on the outskirts of Cairo and Damascus]

The Value of Human Life

Marines in combat in Hue City, Vietnam
There is nothing like the taking of human life to cause you to quickly devalue it.

Marines in Hue City, Vietnam tend to their wounded after a firefight
There is nothing like the taking of human life to cause you to painfully re-evaluate it.

A soldier stands by a lone cross in silouette A father holds his baby's hand in his
There is nothing like the taking of human life to cause you to profoundly value it.

William's Whimsical Words:

What a terrible price to pay for this knowledge

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