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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, May 15, 2017

Frank Baum - Imaginative storyteller    Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz
[1856 - Lyman Frank Baum, newspaperman, author, born in Chittenango, New York]

Katherine Porter    Writer Katherine Anne Porter    Writer Katherine Anne Porter    Katherine Anne Porter - Author <i>Ship of Fools</i>
[1890 - Katherine Anne Porter, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, born in Indian Creek, Texas]

Moderator Clifton Fadiman    Writer Clifton Fadiman
[1902 - Clifton Fadiman, writer, critic, editor, moderator, born in Brooklyn]

Actor Joseph Cotten    Actor Joseph Cotten
[1905 - Joseph (Cheshire) Cotten, actor, born in Petersburg, Virginia]

Actor James Mason    Actor James Mason    Actor James Mason
[1909 - James (Neville) Mason, actor, born in Huddersfield in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England]

Actress Constance Cummings    Actress Constance Cummings    Tony Award-winning Actress Constance Cummings    Tony Award-winning Actress Constance Cummings   Actress Constance Cummings
[1910 - Constance Cummings (Halverstadt), Tony Award-winning actress, born in Seattle]

Goalie Turk Broda    Goalie Turk Broda w/trophy
[1914 - Walter Edward "Turk" Broda, NHL Hall of Fame Goalie, born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada]

Singer Eddy Arnold    Singer, Songwriter Eddy Arnold    Singer, Songwriter Eddy Arnold    Singer, Songwriter Eddy Arnold
[1918 - Eddy (Richard Edward) Arnold, Country Music Hall of Fame singer, songwriter, born near Henderson, Tennessee]

Actor Joseph Wiseman    Actor Joseph Wiseman as Dr. No
[1918 - Joseph Wiseman, actor, born in Montreal, Quebec]

Photographer Richard Avedon    Photographer Richard Avedon    Avedon's In The American West    Photographer Richard Avedon
[1923 - Richard Avedon, photographer, born in New York City]

Writer Paul Zindel Writer Paul Zindel
[1936 - Paul Zindel, Jr., Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, author, educator, born in Staten Island]

War Admiral - Charley Kurtsinger Up    War Admiral - Beautiful Horse
[1937 - In the 63rd running of the Preakness, Charley Kurtsinger aboard War Admiral wins in 1:58.4]

Tweet, tweet

I dont tweet.
I dont twitter.
Cant bleev u wud care
if im on th shitter.

How mt yur life must b
if u shud chews to follow me.

William's Whimsical Words:

nuf sed

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