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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Writer Voltaire
[1717 - Voltaire is imprisoned in the Bastille]

William Seward    Governor William Seward    Secretary of State William Seward
[1801 - William Seward, New York Governor & Senator, Secretary of State, born in Orange County, New York]

Educator Elizabeth Peabody    Editor Elizabeth Peabody Writer Elizabeth Peabody
[1804 - Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, educator, writer, editor, born in Billerica, Massachusetts]

[1817 - Steamboat service begins on the Mississippi River]

Captain searching the Mississippi    Mississippi Steamboat loaded with cotton

Mississippi Steamboat pushing a coal barge    Mississippi Steamboat Pilot at the wheel
[1817 - Steamboat service begins on the Mississippi River]

Actor Henry Fonda in Grapes of Wrath    Actor Henry Fonda    Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond    Henry Fonda in a Western
[1905 - Henry Fonda, Academy Award-winning actor, born in Grand Island, Nebraska]

Writer Studs Terkel    Storyteller Studs Terkel    Storyteller Studs Terkel
[1912 - Studs (Louis) Terkel, writer, storyteller, born in New York City]

Woody Herman with his Herd    Bandleader Woody Herman
[1913 - Woody (Woodrow Charles) Herman, musician, bandleader, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

Actor Barry Atwater    Actor Barry Atwater
[1918 - (Garrett) Barry Atwater, educator, actor, born in Denver, Colorado]

Billy Martin Portrait    The Real Billy Martin    Manager Billy Martin    Manager Billy Martin
[1928 - Billy Martin, baseball player, manager, born in Berkeley, California]

[1929 - The First Academy Awards are presented]

Jazz Singer Betty Carter    Jazz Singer Betty Carter    Jazz Singer Betty Carter
[1929 - Betty Carter (Lillie Mae Jones), Grammy Award-winning jazz singer, born in Flint, Michigan]

[1946 - The Irving Berlin musical, Annie Get Your Gun, opens on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre, and runs for 1,147 performances]

Navy Corpsman Donald E. Ballard    Navy Medal of Honor
[1968 - Donald E. Ballard, Navy Corpsman, receives the Medal of Honor
for heroic action in Quang Tri Province, with a 3rd Marine Division unit]

Survival Plan

If survival is Job 1, (and let's face it, it is for most of us most of the time), then making sure you do so without harming any innocent bystanders is Job 2.

William's Whimsical Words:

On rare occasion, the Job 1 imperative is overridden by Job 0. In that case you have someone like Donald Ballard. (please see above)

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