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franklin-bifocals-60 Sunday, May 14, 2017
Mothers Day breakfast    Mother pushing swing    mothers_day_heart_lg_clr    mothers-day_vase_flowers_md_clr

Jamestown Island    Jamestown Church Tower - found during site dig
[1607 - A permanent British settlement is established at Jamestown, Virginia]

Gainsborough self-portrait    Artist Thomas Gainsborough's self-portrait
[1727 - Thomas Gainsborough, artist, born in Sudbury, Suffolk, England]

USS Constitution under sail - lands Marines in Vietnam 120 yrs before we did it again
[1845 - USS Constitution lands Marines at Danang, Indochina]

1904 Olympics in St. Louis - first games held in the USA - not very successful
[1904 - The Summer Olympic Games open in St. Louis, Missouri]

John D. Rockefeller - How would you like to ask this fellow for a raise?
[1913 - John D. Rockefeller establishes the
Rockefeller Foundation with $100,000,000]

Choir Director Norman Luboff    Choir Director Norman Luboff
[1917 - Norman Luboff, choral leader, born in Chicago]

Jazz Trumpeter Al Porcino    Jazz Trumpeter Al Porcino    Jazz Trumpeter Al Porcino
[1925 - Al Porcino, jazz trumpeter, bandleader, born in New York City]

Hall of Fame Goalie Gump Worsley    Hall of Fame Goalie Gump Worsley    Hall of Fame Goalie Gump Worsley    Hall of Fame Goalie Gump Worsley
[1929 - Gump (Lorne John) Worsley, Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender, born in Montreal]

Singer Bobby Darin    Singer Bobby Darin    Singer Bobby Darin    Singer Bobby Darin
[1936 - Bobby Darin (Cassotto), Grammy Award-winning singer, born in The Bronx]

David Ben-Gurion proclaims State of Israel
[1948 - David Ben-Gurion, Jewish Agency
Chair, proclaims State of Israel at Tel Aviv]

[1955 - Soviet Union and 7 of its European satellites sign the Warsaw Pact]

Doctor's Interview Checklist

If you have occasion to search for a oncologist to whom you may entrust your health, survival, and care, remember that your doctor may be disappointed in the outcome of your course of treatment, but not nearly to the extent that you will be if it should go badly. Assuming that you have checked out the bona fides of your prospective caregiver and found them in order, you should treat the first meeting with him or her as if it were a job interview for the most important vacant position in your life. William suggests you consider the following short list of questions that you will ask:

Can you promise me that you will treat me first and foremost as the unique individual that I am, as opposed to focusing on the treatment of my cancer?

Do you really have the time in your busy practice to take me on as a patient?

Will you disclose to me all known prejudices, biases, and conflicts of interest when recommending a course of treatment?

When advising me as to how to proceed at any crossroad in the treatment path, will you provide me with the pros and cons of all known options?

Will you listen carefully and take seriously my concerns about quality of life issues?

If your prospective doctor gives you an answer to any of these questions that makes you uncomfortable, run (do not walk) to the nearest exit and continue your search.

It's far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.    Hippocrates
(c. 460 B.C. - c. 370 B.C.)

William's Whimsical Words:

Many doctors rely heavily on standard treatments that are based on statistical analyses of data from trials or studies. On the other hand, you are the only one of you that you have, and the only outcome that really matters to you is yours.

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