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Artist Henri Matisse at easel    Artist Henri Matisse    Henri Matisse - self-portrait    Artist Henri Matisse
[1869 - Henri Matisse, impressionist painter, born in Le Cateau-Cambresis, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France]

General George Marshall, US Army    General Marshall, Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall, Secretary of State
[1880 - George Catlett Marshall, General, USA, designed Marshall Plan as Secretary of State, born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania]

Songwriter Jule Styne    Songwriter Jule Styne    Songwriter Jule Styne    Songwriter Jule Styne working    Songwriter Jule Styne
[1905 - Jule Styne (Julius Kerwin Stein), Academy & Tony Award-winning songwriter, born in London]

Activist Simon Wiesenthal    Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal
[1908 - Simon Wiesenthal, architectural engineer, Nazi hunter, born in Butschatsch, Galicia]

   Singer Odetta    Singer, Songwriter Odetta    Singer Odetta
[1930 - Odetta (Holmes Felious Gordon), singer, songwriter, born in Birmingham, Alabama]

Actress Rosalind Cash    Actress Rosalind Cash    Actress Rosalind Cash
[1938 - Rosalind Cash, actress, born in Atlantic City, New Jersey]

Folksinger John Denver    Singer John Denver    Songwriter John Denver    Singer John Denver
[1943 - John Denver (Deutschendorf), singer, songwriter, born in Roswell, New Mexico]

Performer Donna Summer    Singer Donna Summer    Singer Donna Summer    Diva Donna Summer
[1948 - Donna Summer (LaDonna Adrian Gaines), Grammy Award-winning singer, Diva, born in Boston, Massachusetts]

Bart Starr scoring winning touchdown in Ice Bowl
[1967 - Green Bay Packers win NFL championship over Dallas Cowboys, 21-17 in Ice Bowl]

New Years Eve Mic Check

Mic Check!

I occupy because,
I am not a statistic.
I am a man, who did
Dirty work of my Country,
By taking human life
In the name of liberty & democracy.
It was wrong, and a lie,
And I pay for it every day.

I occupy because,
I will not stand by,
To watch my children and grandchildren,
Led down the same path
By the one percent elite,
And the governments they bought,
Who care not about human suffering,
Only looking to feed their greed.

I occupy because,
The movement with that name,
Was silenced and repressed,
By the Banksters and their apparatchiki,
And the governments they bought,
Who think they own the First Amendment,
But it belongs to me,
Because I Am the ninety-nine percent.

William's Whimsical Words:

You must occupy yourself before you can occupy your neighborhood, or the Earth

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