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Franklin bifocals Monday, December 30, 2013

Writer Rudyard Kipling    Kipling's Jungle Book    Writer Rudyard Kipling
[1865 - Rudyard Kipling, Nobel Laureate in Literature, born in Bombay, India]

.Governor John Altgeld
[1847 - John Peter Altgeld, political
reformer, born in Germany]

Senator Simon Guggenheim    Philanthropist Simon Guggenheim
[1867 - Simon Guggenheim, senator, philanthropist, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo    Prime Minister Hideki Tojo in uniform
[1884 - Hideki Tojo, Prime Minister of Japan, born in Tokyo: Executed in 1948]

Actress Jo Van Fleet    Actress Jo Van Fleet
[1914 - Jo Van Fleet, Tony and Academy Award-winning actress, born in Oakland, California]

Actor & Painter Jack Lord    Actor Jack Lord    Actor & Painter Jack Lord    Director Jack Lord
[1920 - Jack Lord (John Joseph Patrick Ryan), artist, actor, director, born in Brooklyn]

Actress Barbara Nichols    Actress Barbara Nichols
[1929 - Barbara (Marie) Nichols (Nickeraeur), actress, born in Queens]

Singer, Musician Del Shannon    Singer, Songwriter Del Shannon    Singer, Songwriter Del Shannon
[1939 - Del Shannon (Charles Weedon Westover), singer, musician, songwriter, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan]

Kiss Me Kate cast album
[1948 - Kiss Me Kate opens on Broadway, runs for 1,077 performances]

USS George Washington (SSBN-598) at launching
[1959 - USS George Washington, the first ballistic missile submarine, is commissioned]

Minor Surgery


"Minor Surgery" is a term used by doctors to describe a subset of procedures that are less technically demanding or challenging for the surgeon who performs them. In terms of sensitivity, this is the logical equivalent of a lawyer talking about a personal injury client as the "legs off" case.

double amputee

William's Whimsical Words:

Minor surgery is performed by someone you don't know on someone you have never heard of.

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