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Franklin bifocals Friday, December 27, 2013

Scientist Johannes Kepler    Scientist Johannes Kepler    Scientist Johannes Kepler
[1571 - Johannes Kepler, scientist, writer, born in Weil der Stadt (now Stuttgart Region), Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany]

Chemist Louis Pasteur    Chemist Louis Pasteur
[1822 - Louis Pasteur, chemist, scientist, born in Dole, Jura region, France]

Brig HMS Beagle    Charles Darwin
[1831 - HMS Beagle departs England with Charles Darwin embarked]

Actor Sydney Greenstreet    Actor Sydney Greenstreet
[1879 - Sydney Greenstreet, actor, born in Sandwich, England]

Singer Marlene Dietrich    Actress Marlene Dietrich    Actress Marlene Dietrich    Actress Marlene Dietrich
[1901 - Marlene Dietrich (Maria Magdelene von Losch), actress, singer, born in Berlin-Schoneberg, Germany]

Musician & Wit Oscar Levant    Actor & Wit Oscar Levant
[1906 - Oscar Levant, musician, comedian, actor, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Sex Researcher William Masters    Sex Researchers Masters and Johnson    Sex Researchers Masters and Johnson
[1915 - William H. Masters, physician, sex researcher, born in Cleveland, Ohio]

Show Boat 1927 Ad    Show Boat 1927 Stars
Show Boat 1927 Cast    Show Boat the 1951 Movie
[1927 - Show Boat opens at the Ziegfeld Theatre in Manhattan]

Radio City Music Hall Stage
[1932 - The Radio City Music Hall (home of the Rockettes) is opened to the public]

Transitory State

Betwixt birth and death
Life, a transitory state,
Nothing special.

William's Whimsical Words:

Not to worry; it will be over soon enough

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