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Franklin bifocals Thursday, December 26, 2013       Kwanzaa Kinara

Poet Thomas Gray    Bust of Thomas Gray    Poet Thomas Gray
[1716 - Thomas Gray, poet, born in Cornhill, London]

Deaf Teacher Laurent Clerc    Deaf Teacher Laurent Clerc
[1785 - (Louis) Laurent (Marie) Clerc, teacher of the deaf, born in La Balme, France]

Admiral George Dewey    Commodore George Dewey on the Bridge    Admiral George Dewey    Admiral George Dewey
[1837 - George Dewey, Spanish-American War USN Admiral, born in Montpelier, Vermont]

Writer Henry Miller    Novelist Henry Miller    Novelist Henry Miller    Artist Henry Miller
[1891 - Henry Valentine Miller, author, painter, born in Manhattan]

Revolutionary Mao Zedong    Leader Mao Zedong    Party Chairman Mao Zedong
[1893 - Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong), revolutionary, founder People's Republic of China, born in Shaoshan, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, China]

Actor Richard Widmark    Actor Richard Widmark    Actor Richard Widmark    Actor Richard Widmark
[1914 - Richard Widmark, actor, born in Sunrise Township, Minnesota]

Steve Allen    Comedian Steve Allen    Tonight Show Host Steve Allen
[1921 - Steve (Stephen Valentine Patrick William) Allen, comedian, musician, Tonight Show host, born in New York City]

Comedian Alan King    Comedian Alan King    Comedian Alan King
[1927 - Alan King (Irwin Alan Kniberg), comedian, born in New York City]

President Gerald Ford    38th President Gerald Ford
[2006 - Gerald R. Ford, Former President, dies at age 93]

Gerald Ford

Jerry Ford in Oval Office with friend

He was a stand-up guy when the nation needed one badly.

Gerald and Betty Ford at Medal of Freedom Ceremony

William's Whimsical Words:

And he made the tough moves to start the healing process, receiving no thanks at the time.

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