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Franklin bifocals Thursday, November 24, 2016 - Thanksgiving Dayturkey jumping

turkey waddling    Happy Thanksgiving    turkey pounding on oven glass             Thanksgiving Proclamation 1721

[Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1721]

Philosopher Baruch Spinoza    Philosopher Baruch Spinoza
[1632 - Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza, philosopher, writer, born in Amsterdam, Netherlands]

President Zachary Taylor   12th President Zachary Taylor
[1784 - Zachary Taylor, 12th President, born in Barboursville, Virginia]

Frontier Lawman Bat Masterson    Lawman Bat Masterson
[1853 - Bat (William Barclay) Masterson, gambler, lawman, writer, editor, born in Henryville,
Quebec, Canada]

Composer Scott Joplin    Composer & Musician Scott Joplin
[1868 - Scott Joplin, ragtime music composer, musician, born near Linden, Texas]

NRA logo
[1871 - National Rifle Association is incorporated]

Veep Alben Barkley
[1877 - Alben William Barkley, 35th Vice President,
born near Lowes, Graves County, Kentucky]

Positive Thinker Dale Carnegie    Author & Lecturer Dale Carnegie
[1888 - Dale Breckenridge Carnegie, lecturer, author, born in Maryville, Missouri]

Writer, Director Garson Kanin
[1912 - Garson Kanin, writer, director,
born in Rochester, New York]

Geraldine Fitzgerald    Actress Geraldine Fitzgerald
[1913 - Geraldine Fitzgerald, actress, born in County Wicklow, near Dublin, Ireland]

Actor Howard Duff    Actor Howard Duff
[1913 - Howard Duff, actor, born in Bremerton, Washington]

Intellectual William F. Buckley, Jr.
[1925 - William F. Buckley, Jr., writer, commentator,
editor, born in New York City]

Fullback John Henry Johnson Hall of Famer John Henry Johnson   Hall of Famer John Henry Johnson Induction
[1929 - John Henry Johnson, Pro Football Hall of Fame fullback, born in Waterproof, Louisiana]

Guys and Dolls - Stubby Kaye - Mission Scene
[1950 - Guys and Dolls opens at 46th Street Theatre, New York City, runs for 1,200 performances]

No Doubt

One often hears it said that: "There are no atheists in fox-holes." I would submit that the statement is more likely to be made by the chaplain than by a combat veteran. There are plenty of atheists in fox-holes. They and the Fundamentalist True Believers, (all of whom are sure they have the right answers), are trying to comfort the rest of us who fall somewhere in between them, and who don't really know why some of us will live and some will die.

William's Whimsical Words:

There are no gays in fox-holes either.

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