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Franklin bifocals Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Outlaw Billy the Kid    Outlaw Billy the Kid
[1859 - Billy the Kid (Henry McCarty), outlaw, born in New York City]

Actor Boris Karloff    Boris Karloff as Frankenstein Monster    Actor Boris Karloff
[1887 - Boris Karloff (William Henry Pratt), actor, born in East Dulwich, London, England]

Musician Harpo Marx    Comedian Harpo Marx
[1888 - Harpo (Adolph) Marx, comedian, musician, born in New York City]

Actor Victor Jory    Actor Victor Jory    Actor Victor Jory    Actor Victor Jory
[1902 - Victor Jory, actor, born in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada]

Actor John Dehner    Actor John Dehner    Actor John Dehner    Actor John Dehner    Actor John Dehner
[1915 - John Dehner, actor, born in Staten Island, New York]

Composer & Lyricist Jerry Bock    Composer & Lyricist Jerry Bock    Composer & Lyricist Jerry Bock
[1928 - Jerrold Lewis 'Jerry' Bock, lyricist, composer, born in New Haven, Connecticut]

Buy American

Every presidential election campaign is full of rhetoric that appeals to patriotism and love of country.  Now, as the last campaign recedes into history and the next one looms, there is a tendency for all of us to once again become the obedient consumers we were brought up and taught to be.  There is, however, something that we can all do to right the ship of state and begin to correct the gross imbalance in foreign trade created by our seemingly insatiable appetite for clothes, gadgets, toys, cars, electronics, and all manner of other imported stuff that is one of the root causes of our current economic woes.

It is time to say goodbye to the cars made in Japan, Korea, and Europe, to all the goods manufactured in China, to the clothing manufactured in South America and Indonesia, and to all the other crap that we rush out to the malls and big-box stores to buy with our cash and our plastic. It may cost a little more to buy locally produced products. Your Chevy may not be quite as ostentatious as your neighbor's Mercedes. In the long run you might even end up with a few less toys to play with. If you care about putting this country back to work, however, by doing business with your neighbors, it is time to buy American.

William's Whimsical Words:

For those of you who have been converted by the corporate mantra of free trade, free markets, and free poverty (except for the rich), please disregard this message. Feel free to grab as much stuff as you can for yourself, and to hell with your fellow citizens.

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