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Ben Franklin's bifocals Thursday, September 18, 2008

Writer Samuel Johnson   Samuel Johnson's dictionary
[1709 - Samuel Johnson, writer, poet, essayist, born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England]

Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story
[1779 - Joseph Story, Supreme Court Associate Justice, born in Marblehead, Massachusetts]

Actress Greta Garbo
[1905 - Greta (Lovisa) Garbo (Gustafsson), actress, born in Stockholm, Sweden]

Actor & Comedian Eddie Anderson
[1905 - Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, actor, born in Oakland, California]

Dancer & Choreographer Agnes de Mille
[1905 - Agnes de Mille, dancer, choreographer, born in New York City]

Farmer's Almanack Editor Ray Geiger
[1910 - Ray Geiger, almanac editor, born in Newark, New Jersey]

Actor Rossano Brazzi
[1916 - Rossano Brazzi, actor, born in Bologna, Italy]

Actor Jack Warden
[1920 - Jack Warden (John H. Lebzelter), Emmy Award-winning actor, born in Newark, New Jersey]

Primal Leap Frog

The spectacle of states jockeying for position in the Presidential Primary Derby earlier this year put one in mind of the first day of kindergarten when the most aggressive five-year-olds compete to be first in line for recess. [That is if the school still has a recess where children actually go out into a play yard and play, and the school is not locked down].

William's Whimsical Words:

The spectacle would be amusing until one stops to consider that on a national level the same lack of maturity is evident, and results in war, with the attendant loss of life and limb.

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