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Ben Franklin's bifocals Wednesday, September 17, 2008

US Constitution signed in convention
[1787 - Constitution of the United States of America is signed]

Antietam dead
[1862 - Battle of Antietam; 23,000 Americans are killed, wounded, or missing in action]

Commedian Ben Turpin
[1869 - Ben (Bernard) Turpin, comedian, actor, born in New Orleans]

Chief Justice Warren E. Burger
[1907 - Warren (Earl) Burger, Supreme Court Chief Justice, born in St. Paul, Minnesota]

Country Music's Hank Williams
[1923 - Hank (Hiram) Williams, Sr., songwriter, singer, born in Mount Olive, Alabama]

Actor Roddy McDowall
[1928 - Roddy (Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude) McDowall, Tony Award-winning actor, born in London]

Actress Anne Bancroft
[1931 - Anne Bancroft (Anna Maria Louisa Italiano), Oscar & Tony Award-winning actress, born in The Bronx]

Matters of Size

My spam e-mail, be it May or September,
Is filled with ads to enlarge my member.
Thanks for your interest in my organs sexual.
I see from the picture you're an intellectual.

rejected stamp

William's Whimsical Words:

Even if size really does matter; this is not a topic for idle chatter.

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