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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, July 15, 2013

Rembrandt van Rijn 1640 Self Portrait    Artist Rembrandt van Rijn's - Night Watch    Rembrandt van Rijn Self Portrait
[1606 - Rembrandt van Rijn, master painter, born in Leiden, The Netherlands]

Poet Clement Moore
[1779 - Clement Clarke Moore, poet,
author, born in New York City]

Bank Founder Maggie Walker
[1867 - Maggie Lena Walker, businesswoman,
bank founder, born in Richmond, Virginia]

Lyricist Dorothy Fields    Lyricist Dorothy Fields
[1905 - Dorothy Fields, lyricist, born in Allenhurst, New Jersey]

Actor Ken Lynch    Actor Ken Lynch    Actor Ken Lynch
[1910 - Ken Lynch, actor, born in Cleveland, Ohio]

Jim Thorpe - Athlete of the Century
[1912 - Jim Thorpe wins decathlon at
Olympic games in Stockholm, Sweden]

Actress Nan Martin    Actress Nan Martin
[1927 - Nan Martin, actress, born in Decatur, Illinois]

All-Pro Alex Karras    Wrestler Alex Karras    All-Pro Lion Alex Karras    Sportscaster Alex Karras
[1935 - Alex (Alexander G.) Karras, college & pro football player, sportscaster, born in Gary Indiana]

[1958 - 1,800 US Marines land at Beirut, Lebanon, as peacekeepers]


Art of suggesting much by absence.

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Jack Benny, Well . . .

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