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Ben Franklin's bifocals Sunday, July 14, 2013

Storming of the Bastille
[1789 - Bastille is stormed; French Revolution begins]

Western Writer Owen Wister
[1860 - Owen Wister, novelist, born in
Germantown, Pennsylvania]

Florence Bascom    Geology Pioneer Florence Bascom
[1862 - Florence Bascom, geologist, born in Williamstown, Massachusetts]

Governor Happy Chandler    Happy Chandler
[1898 - Albert Benjamin 'Happy' Chandler, politician, Major League baseball commissioner, born in Corydon, Kentucky]

Writer Irving Stone
[1903 - Irving Stone (Tennenbaum), novelist,
born in San Francisco]

Animator William Hanna    Animator William Hanna
[1910 - William Hanna, cartoonist, animator, born in Melrose, New Mexico]

Actor Terry-Thomas    Actor Terry-Thomas
[1911 - Terry-Thomas (Thomas Terry Hoar-Stevens), actor, comedian, born in North London]

Singer and Songwriter Woody Guthrie    Folk Singer and Songwriter Woody Guthrie
[1912 - Woody (Woodrow Wilson) Guthrie, folk singer, songwriter, born in Okemah, Oklahoma]

President Ford with his dog 38th President Gerald Ford
[1913 - Gerald R. Ford, 38th President, born in Omaha, Nebraska]

Newsman Douglas Edwards    News Anchor Douglas Edwards    TV Host Douglas Edwards
[1917 - Douglas Edwards, journalist, news anchor, TV host, born in Ada, Oklahoma]

Director Ingmar Bergman    Director Ingmar Bergman    Director Ingmar Bergman
[1918 - (Ernst) Ingmar Bergman, Academy Award-winning director, born in Uppsala, Sweden]

News Reporter John (William) Chancellor
[1927 - John (William) Chancellor, newscaster, born in Chicago]

Actor Robert Stephens    Actor Sir Robert Stephens
[1931 - Sir Robert Stephens, actor, born in Bristol, England]

USS South Dakota (BB-57) bombards Japanese Islands in July 1945

[1945 - [USS South Dakota (BB-57) bombards Japan]

USS South Dakota (BB-57) at sea

Revolting News

Serfs up, Duke!

Wat Tyler murder in 1381

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Live free or die.

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