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franklin-bifocals-60 Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lincoln Assassination
[1865 - John Wilkes Booth fatally shoots President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre]

Anne Sullivan teaching Helen Keller
[1866 - Anne Sullivan (Macy), teacher of blind and deaf, born in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts]

Historian Arnold Toynbee    Arnold Toynbee - Study of History
[1889 - Arnold Toynbee, historian, author, born in London]

Actor Sir (Arthur) John Gielgud
[1904 - Sir (Arthur) John Gielgud, Academy Award-winning actor,
born in Kensington in London]

Actor Rod Steiger   Rod Steiger in the Pawnbroker
[1925 - Rod (Rodney Stephen) Steiger, Academy Award-winning actor,
born in Westhampton, New York]

What Counts

Self approval is crucial.
Approval of those you care about is important.
Approval of all the rest is not worth your time.

William's Whimsical Words:

Government approval is like a red flag to liberty.

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