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franklin-bifocals-60 Monday, April 13, 2009

President Thomas Jefferson   Third President Thomas Jefferson

[1743 - Thomas Jefferson, founding father, born in Albemarle County, Virginia]

5 & 10 Magnate F. W, Woolworth   The F. W. Woolworth building in Watertown, New York
[1852 - F. W. (Frank Winfield) Woolworth, merchant, born in Rodman, New York]

Physicist Sir Robert A. Watson-Watt
[1892 - Sir Robert A. Watson-Watt, physicist, born in Brechin, Angus, Scotland]

Samuel Beckett Playwright Samuel Beckett
[1906 - Samuel Beckett, playwright, born in Foxrock, Dublin, Ireland]

Governor Harold E. Stassen
[1907 - Harold E. Stassen, politician, Minnesota
Governor, born in West St. Paul, Minnesota]

Actor & Singer Howard Keel as Curly   Howard Keel
[1919 - Howard Keel (Harry Clifford Leek), actor, singer, born in Gillespie, Illinois]

Atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair    Activist Madalyn Murray O'Hair
[1919 - Madalyn Murray O'Hair, atheist, activist, born in Beechview, Pennsylvania]

Metropolitan Museum of Art
[1870 - Metropolitan Museum of Art is formed in New York City]

Jimi Hendrix

Guitarist Jimi Hendrix

He lived his life so fast that you had to be looking at just the right part of the night sky to see the brilliant flash of light that lasted for only an instant.

Jimi Hendrix

William's Whimsical Words:

Another candle in the wind.

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