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Ben Franklin's bifocals Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Author Victor Hugo    Writer Victor Hugo    Writer Victor Hugo
[1802 - Victor Hugo, author, playwright, essayist, poet, born in Besancon, France]

Jeansmaker Levi Strauss    Levis label    Businessman Levi Strauss
[1829 - (Loeb) Levi Strauss, denim jeans tycoon, businessman, born in Buttenheim, Franconia, Bavaria]

William Cody (Buffalo Bill)    William Cody with Indian friend    William Cody (Buffalo Bill)    William Frederic Cody (Buffalo Bill)
[1846 - William (Frederic) Cody (Buffalo Bill), frontiersman, showman, born near LeClaire, Iowa]

Actor Dub Taylor    Actor Dub Taylor
[1907 - Dub Taylor (Walter Clarence Taylor, Jr.), actor, born in Richmond, Virginia]

Actor Robert Alda       Actor Robert Alda
[1914 - Robert Alda (Alfonso Giuseppe Giovanni Roberto D'Abruzzo), actor, born in New York City]

Comedian Jackie Gleason    Actor Jackie Gleason    Comedian Jackie Gleason
[1916 - Jackie (Herbert Walton Gleason, Jr.) Gleason, comedian, actor, born in Brooklyn]

Grand Canyon View
[1919 - Congress establishes the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona]

Actor Tony Randall    Actor Tony Randall
[1920 - Tony Randall (Leonard Rosenberg), actor, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma]

Actress Betty Hutton    Actress Betty Hutton    Actress Betty Hutton
[1921 - Betty Hutton (Elizabeth June Thornberg), actress, born in Battle Creek, Michigan]

Singer Johnny Cash    Singer Johnny Cash    Country Singer Johnny Cash
[1932 - Johnny Cash, Grammy award-winning country singer, born in Kingsland, Arkansas]

Actor Godfrey Cambridge    Comedian Godfrey Cambridge
[1933 - Godfrey MacArthur Cambridge, actor, comedian, born in New York City]

[1993 - World Trade Center is bombed and damaged; six die, one thousand injured (A wake-up call that was unheeded)]

God Lost

When religion becomes institutionalized and dogmatic it shuts God out of its temple.
When the State seeks to become Godlike, it shuts God out of the heart of citizens.
When the State institutionalizes religion it shuts God out of the temple it builds.
When the Mighty institutionalize God, they become lost in the State dogma.
When the Mighty seek to become God, they are lost in their own dogma.
When a man thinks he is become God, he has to be institutionalized.
When a man is institutionalized he seeks to find the God he lost.
When a man thinks he is become God, he has lost his mind.
When a man seeks his God, he must lose his own mind.
When a man thinks he is like God, he has lost him.
When a man thinks he is God-like, he has lost it.
When a man seeks to be like God is he lost?
When a man loves God, is he not thinking?
When men love God do they give thanks?
When man loves, does God thank him?
When man seeks to love, God helps.
When man seeks love, God helps.
What does it mean to love God?
When do men see God's love?
What does God's love mean?
When does a man love God?
Why does God love man?
What does God love?
What do men love?
Who loves man?
Where is God?
What is God?
Who is God?
Is God it?
Is man?

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