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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Firearms Innovator Samuel Colt    Colt Patterson revolver
[1836 - Samuel Colt, firearms innovator, receives a patent for a five and six-shooter pistol]

Impressionist Painter Auguste Renoir    Renoir's - Bal au Moulin    Painter Auguste Renoir
[1841 - Pierre Auguste Renoir, impressionist painter, sculptor, born in Limoges, France]

Tenor Enrico Caruso    Opera Tenor Enrico Caruso    Opera Tenor Enrico Caruso    Opera Tenor Enrico Caruso
[1873 - Enrico Caruso, opera tenor, born in Naples, Italy]

Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
[1888 - John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State,
born in Washington, DC]

NFL Commissioner & Owner Bert Bell
[1895 - De Benneville 'Bert' Bell, Hall of Fame
owner, NFL Commissioner, born in Philadelphia]

Comedian Zeppo Marx    Agent Zeppo Marx
[1901 - Zeppo (Herbert) Marx, Actor, agent, inventor, born in New York City]

Congresswoman Milicent Fenwick    Congresswoman Milicent Fenwick
[1910 - Millicent Hammond Fenwick, Congresswoman, born in New York City]

Voice Actor Jim Backus    Actor Jim Backus    Actor Jim Backus
[1913 - James Gilmore 'Jim' Backus, actor, born in Cleveland, Ohio]

Writer Anthony Burgess
[1917 - (John) Anthony Burgess, author, composer,
born in Harpurhey, Manchester, England]

Tennis Champ Bobby Riggs
[1918 - Bobby (Robert Larimore) Riggs,
tennis champion, born in Los Angeles]

Writer Larry Gelbart    Producer Larry Gelbart    Producer Larry Gelbart
[1928 - Larry Simon Gelbart, writer, Emmy Award-winning producer, born in Chicago]

In a Heartbeat

Once, when my Body was Still,
And my Mind Calm and Quiet,
I thought I heard the Sound of the Universe.

"Fool," I said, "you have only heard
The sound of your heart beating."
It was nothing special, I thought.

Now I hear the sound of the Universe
Whenever I choose to.
It sounds like: connect, connect, connect. . . .

William's Whimsical Words:

How curious that with all the emptiness in the universe, its song pulses with life.

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