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Ben Franklin's bifocals Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Demographer Thomas Robert Malthus Malthus Population Essay
[1766 - Thomas Robert Malthus, economist, demographer, born at Dorking, Surrey, England]

Artist Grant Wood Grant Wood's American Gothic
[1892 - Grant Wood, artist, born in Anamosa, Iowa]

Admiral David Dixon Porter
[1891 - David Dixon Porter, Rear Admiral, USN, dies at 77]

[1914 - American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers (ASCAP) founded in New York City]

[1918 - Oliver Smith, Broadway scenic designer, born in Waupun, Wisconsin]

Dresden bombing
[1945 - British & Allied bombers drop incendiaries and high-explosive bombs on Dresden]

Undefeated Heavyweight Rocky Marciano
[1952 - Rocky Marciano defeats Lee Savold for 39th straight win]

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Alexander Solzhenitsyn - his first book
[1974 - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, dissident, writer (Nobel Prize), expelled from USSR]

Hummingbird Brains Hummingbird and Flower

The hummingbird and bumblebee,
Hover to feed when they fly, you see.
A sage once proved they couldn't do it.
But they declined to eschew it.

Now when I sit out in my garden,
Without a single "beg your pardon,"
They flitter, flit, and hover so,
Nor ask permission whence they go.

Illiterate bird and insect dunce,
You have not read my study once.
How will you profit from my knowledge,
When your heads are filled with porridge?

Get thee hence, insolent creatures.
Why won't you listen to your teachers?
If you persist in this behavior,
Neither man nor God will be your savior.

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