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April 4, 2004

Telephone Tyranny

Why is it that the telephone exerts such power over otherwise rational human beings? It clearly must be an instrument of the Devil.

A gaggle of senior decision-makers are gathered in the leader's office to grapple with an important matter.business conference The phone rings, and the boss spends five minutes on the phone with his overpriced hair stylist rescheduling next Tuesday's appointment because her daughter has a tuba lesson that afternoon (while they fidget). Desk Phone Rings

Enrico Caruso You are at the opera for a gala, and some idiot's cell phone goes off during your favorite aria.Cellphone Rings

William says that the person who is there with you, or your currently chosen activity, are presumptively more important than the one who has called, and who knows not what you are doing and whether this is a convenient time for you to talk. The first entrepreneur who markets a unidirectional pocket phone that works only for outgoing calls will have William's business, and his undying gratitude.

Arm smashing Phone

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