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Franklin bifocals Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bill of Rights
[1791 - Three-fourths of the states having ratified the ten Articles, the Bill of Rights
is adopted, amending the US Constitution]

Designer Gustave Eiffel   The Eiffel Tower   Engineer Gustave Eiffel
[1832 - Gustave Alexandre Eiffel, engineer, designer, born in Dijon, Cote-d'Or, France]

Sioux Chief Sitting Bull    Sioux Chief Sitting Bull    Sioux Chief Sitting Bull
[1890 - Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull and eleven others die during his attempted arrest near Grand River, South Dakota]

Billionaire J. Paul Getty    Billionaire J. Paul Getty in 1944    Billionaire J. Paul Getty
[1892 - J. (Jean) Paul Getty, oil magnate, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota]

Producer Kermit Bloomgarden    Producer Kermit Bloomgarden
[1904 - Kermit Bloomgarden, Tony Award-winning producer, born in Brooklyn]

Jazz Pianist Stan Kenton   Band Leader Stan Kenton   Orchestra Leader Stan Kenton
[1912 - Stan (Stanley Newcomb) Kenton, orchestra leader, jazz pianist, born in Wichita, Kansas]

Actor Jeff Chandler    Actor Jeff Chandler    Actor Jeff Chandler
[1918 - Jeff Chandler (Ira Grossel), actor, born in Brooklyn]

Rock & Roll DJ Alan Freed    DJ Alan Freed    DJ Alan Freed
[1922 - Alan (Albert James) Freed, Rock & Roll disc jockey, born in Windber, Pennsylvania]

Artist Friedrich Hundertwasser   Hundertwasser house   Artist Friedrich Hundertwasser
[1928 - Friedrich Hundertwasser (Stowasser), artist, architect, painter, ecologist, born in Vienna]

Adolf Eichmann in trial
[1961 - Adolf Eichmann is sentenced to death by an Israeli Jerusalem court]

To Horace, To Horace!

Poet Horace

The Bush-Cheney administration and its seven years of horribly costly and stupidly prosecuted wars validated the words of the poet Horace, written in 23 B.C.:

Force without wisdom falls of its own weight.
Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
Odes, Book III, iv, line 65

Iraq wounded

President Obama, with somewhat better advice and a more reasoned and honest approach, tried to avoid his predecessor's history of terrible bungling. His initial decision to double-down in Afghanistan did not auger well, although his subsequent decision to withdraw most US forces by end 2014 was clearly a move in the right direction. Now, with another terrorist organization pushing the same old American buttons, we seem to be sliding down the familiar slope toward yet another grand venture into the Middle-East, determined to solve the millenia old entangled conflicts of warring tribes and religious sects by bombing some more brown people.

William's Whimsical Words:

Wisdom requires (at minimum) a sound plan for dealing with the inevitable conditions that follow the application of force, and a valid, speedy exit strategy.

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