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Franklin bifocals Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mystery Writer Rex Stout    Writer Rex Stout    Mystery Writer Rex Stout
[1886 - Rex (Todhunter) Stout, mystery writer, born in Noblesville, Indiana]

Actor Cyril Ritchard    Actor Cyril Ritchard    Actor Cyril Ritchard    Actor Cyril Ritchard-wedding
[1897 - Cyril J. Ritchard, Tony Award-winning actor, born in Sydney]

Dodger Great 'Smokey' Alston    Dodger Great 'Smokey' Alston    Dodger Great 'Smokey' Alston
[1911 - Walter (Emmons) 'Smokey' Alston, Dodger Hall of Fame manager, born in Venice, Ohio]

Actress & Singer Mary Martin    Actress Mary Martin    Actress and Singer Mary Martin    Actress & Singer Mary Martin
[1913 - Mary (Virginia) Martin, Tony Award-winning actress, singer, born in Weatherford, Texas]

Singer Lou Rawls    Singer Lou Rawls    Singer Lou Rawls
[1933 - Lou Rawls (Louis Allen), Grammy Award-winning singer, born in Chicago]

Comedian Richard Pryor    Comedian Richard Pryor    Actor Richard Pryor
[1940 - Richard (Franklin Lennox Thomas) Pryor (III), comedian, actor, born in Peoria, Illinois]

Civil Air Patrol logo    Civil Air Patrol wings
Civil Air Patrol subchasers
[1941 - The Civil Air Patrol is created by the Director of Civilian Defense]

Rosa Parks bus Rosa Parks - her arrest and booking
[1955 - Rosa Parks is arrested for disobeying Alabama law requiring black passengers to relinquish bus seats to white passengers]

Please Be Seated

To some of us, it seems like only yesterday that a Black woman was arrested for the crime of sitting down on a bus in Alabama and for not being White. Today, a Black man sits in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because a majority of the US electorate said he should. By any measure this was one hell of a bus ride.

Rosa Parks' booking photo    President Obama in the oval office

William's Whimsical Words:

The trip from Montgomery, Alabama, to Washington, D.C., takes only one lifetime, but it cost too many lives.

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