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Franklin bifocals Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mary Edwards Walker    Medal of Honor winner Mary Edwards Walker    U.S. Army Surgeon Mary Edwards Walker
[1832 - Mary Edwards Walker, U.S. Army surgeon, women's rights leader, born in Oswego, New York]

Women's Rights Leader Sojourner Truth
[1883 - Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree),
abolitionist, women's rights advocate,
dies in Battle Creek, Michigan]

Playwright Eugene Ionesco
[1909 - Eugene Ionesco, playwright,
actor, born in Slatina, Romania]

Actor Cyril Cusack    Actor Cyril Cusack
[1910 - Cyril Cusack, actor, born in Durban, Natal, South Africa]

Journalist Eric Sevareid    Commentator Eric Sevareid
[1912 - (Arnold) Eric Sevareid, Emmy-winning news commentator, born in Velva, North Dakota]

King Tutankhamen's tomb
[1922 - King Tutankhamen's tomb is discovered by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter]

Cartoonist Charles Schulz at work   Cartoonist Charles Schulz and Snoopy    Cartoonist Charles Schulz
[1922 - Charles Monroe Schulz, cartoonist, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota]

Actor & Singer Robert Goulet    Actor & Singer Robert Goulet
[1933 - Robert Goulet (Stanley Applebaum), singer, actor, born in Lawrence, Massachusetts]

Damn Editors

Damn Editors,
So Confident in their Slash
And Burn mentality that
Cheerfully dismembers your perfect manuscript.

Damn Editors,
So superior in their Knowledge of
Grammar and spelling and usage and stuff
That you dozed through in school and refuse now to Learn.

Damn Editors,
So skillful in their ability
To make Readable the work that you created,
But were unable to Finish in one hundred revisions.

William's Whimsical Words:

Good editors add value by subtracting from someone else's work.

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