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Franklin bifocals Saturday, November 19, 2016

Soldier George Rogers Clark   George Rogers Clark statue
[1752 - George Rogers Clark, frontiersman, Revolutionary War commander, born in Charlottesville, Virginia]

Gettysburg crowd for cemetery dedication   Gettysburg war cemetery Lincoln's Gettysburg Address - draft
[1863 - President Abraham Lincoln delivers short speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania]

Actor Clifton Webb    Actor Clifton Webb    Actor Clifton Webb    Actor Clifton Webb
[1889 - Clifton Webb (Webb Parmalee Hollenbeck), actor, born in Marion County, Indiana]

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi    Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
[1917 - Indira Gandhi (Nehru), Prime Minister of India, born in Allahabad, UP, India]

Actress Gene Tierney    Actress Gene Tierney
[1920 - Gene Eliza Tierney, actress, born in Brooklyn]

  Hall of Famer Roy Campanella   Dodger Hall of Famer Roy Campanella   Brooklyn Catcher Roy Campanella - another put out at home
[1921 - Roy Campanella, Brooklyn Dodger catcher, Baseball Hall of Famer, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Ambassador Jeame Kirkpatrick    UN Ambassador Jeame Kirkpatrick
[1926 - Jeane Kirkpatrick, diplomat, UN Ambassador, born in Duncan, Oklahoma]

Damn Writers

Damn Writers,
So certain in their belief
They have a Story to tell,
and the Wit to tell it.

Damn Writers,
So gifted in their ability
To capture with their plain Words
What many have seen but none have written.

Damn Writers,
So Fearless in their bravery
To reveal secrets about themselves,
That you do not have the courage to write.

William's Whimsical Words:

It isn't easy to strip naked in public when you are not one of the Beautiful People.

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