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Franklin bifocals Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pikes Peak
[1806 - Lt. Zebulon Montgomery Pike sights Pikes Peak]

Artist Georgia O’Keefe    Artist Georgia O’Keefe at work
[1887 - Georgia O'Keefe, artist, born near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin]

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel    General Erwin Rommel    Field Marshall Erwin Rommel   Field Marshall Erwin Rommel   Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
[1891 - Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, German WW-II field marshal, born in Heidenheim, Germany]

W. Averell Harriman    Gov. W. Averell Harriman
[1891 - W. Averell Harriman, diplomat, Governor of New York, born in New York City]

Singer Clyde McPhatter    Singer Clyde McPhatter
[1933 - Clyde (Lensley) McPhatter, singer, born in Durham, North Carolina]

USS South Dakota at sea
[1942 - Battle of Savo Island begins]

Land Speed record holder Craig Breedlove    Craig Breedlove
[1965 - Craig Breedlove sets world land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats of 600.601 mph]

    Sweet Land of Liberty

The police raids in 2011-2012 on peaceful demonstrators throughout the USA (e.g. Denver, Portland, Oakland, various college campuses, and in Manhattan) showed that the establishment had run out of patience with the voices of the dissenters and was determined to silence and suppress them. This result was predictable. The Occupiers were tolerated as long as they were weak and scattered; when it became apparent that they might pose a serious threat to our ruling oligarchy they were beaten, gassed, dispersed, and arrested by whatever level of force was available. So much for our Constitutional rights under the First Amendment.   Peaceful protest is OK as long as it occurs half-way around the world in Africa or the Middle East, but when the citizenry here at home gets serious about exercising Constitutional rights, it simply will not be tolerated. So the billionaire mayors who buy their way into positions of power loosed their police dogs on the commoners. No killings here at home yet, but there were some close calls. The killings will come later when the powers that run this country realize that they no longer have the consent of the governed. It may take years, and it may take decades, but it will happen unless real change takes place, because freedom is never quite snuffed out.

How about it, Mr. President? What the country needs now is another Teddy Roosevelt, not another Teddy Bear. Is it not time to stop rescuing the greedy and begin reaching out to the needy? Change has to come, and a real leader would figure out how to bring it about without bloodshed.

William's Whimsical Words:

Sorry to break the news to you, Mr. CEO, but the revolution has begun, and it will not be on your TV.

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