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Franklin bifocals Monday, November 7, 2016

Marie Curie    Nobel Scientist Marie Curie in the lab    Scientist Marie Curie    Scientist Marie Curie in the lab
[1867 - Madame Marie Curie (Marja Sklodowski), Nobel Prize-winning physicist and chemist, born in Warsaw, Poland]

Revolutionary Leon Trotsky    Revolutionary Leon Trotsky
[1879 - Leon Trotsky (Bronstein), Soviet official, Red Army Leader, born in Yanovka, Kherson, Ukraine]

Actor Dean Jagger    Actor Dean Jagger    Actor Dean Jagger    Actor Dean Jagger
[1903 - (Ira) Dean Jagger, Academy Award-winning actor, born in Lima, Ohio]

Composer William Alwyn    Conductor William Alwyn
[1905 - William Alwyn (Smith), composer, conductor, born in Northampton, England]

Albert Camus at Nobel Ceremony    Writer Albert Camus    Philosopher Albert Camus    Writer Albert Camus
[1913 - Albert Camus, philosopher, Nobel Prize-winning writer, born in Mondovi, Algeria]

Musician Al Hirt    Musician Al Hirt's statue in the French Quarter
[1922 - Al (Alois Maxwell) Hirt, trumpeter, bandleader, born in New Orleans Louisiana]

Joan Sutherland    Coloratura Joan Sutherland    Coloratura Joan Sutherland    Coloratura Joan Sutherland
[1926 - Dame Joan Alston Sutherland, opera singer, born in Sydney, Australia]

Organized Religion

Organized religion is man's attempt to apply reason to an inherently unreasonable concept.

William's Whimsical Words:

O ye of little faith.

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