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Franklin bifocals Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stephen Crane    Writer Stephen Crane    Stephen Crane's Red Badge of Courage   Writer Stephen Crane
[1871 - Stephen Crane, novelist, poet, born in Newark, New Jersey]

Sportswriter Grantland Rice    Sportswriter Grantland Rice
[1880 - Grantland Rice, sportswriter, born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee]

Writer Sholem Asch
[1880 - Sholem Asch, novelist, essayist, playwright, born in Kutno, Poland]

Library of Congress under construction    Library of Congress as completed
[1897 - The first Library of Congress building is opened to the public]

Columnist James Kilpatrick   James J. Kilpatrick
[1920 - James J. Kilpatrick, journalist, columnist, editor, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma]

Soprano Victoria de los Angeles  Victoria de los Angeles as Butterfly
[1924 - Victoria de los Angeles Lopez Garcia, opera soprano, born in Barcelona, Spain]

Rockefeller Center
[1939 - Rockefeller Center opens in Manhattan]

[1941 - President Roosevelt by executive order places the Coast Guard under the Department of the Navy for the duration of WW-II]

Windows 1.01 screenshot
[1985 - Microsoft releases Windows 1.01]

Know God

If man could
Know God,
Man would not
Be man, and
God would not be
Worth knowing.

William's Whimsical Words:

To the extent that I can know God, God is in me.

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