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Franklin bifocals Wednesday, October 19, 2016

General Cornwallis' Surrender at Yorktown
[1781 - British General Charles Cornwallis surrenders to General George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia]

Mountaineer Annie Peck    Mountaineer Annie Smith Peck
[1850 - Annie Smith Peck, mountaineer, born in Providence, Rhode Island]

Goodtime Charlie E. Merrill    Stockbroker Charlie Merrill    Merrill-Lynch founder Charlie Merrill    Philanthropist Charlie E. Merrill
[1885 - Charles E. Merrill, philanthropist, stockbroker, Merrill-Lynch founder, born in Green Cove Springs, Florida]

Admiral Arleigh Burke    USS Burke (DDG-51)    Admiral Arleigh Burke
[1901 - Arleigh A. Burke, US Navy Admiral, born in Boulder, Colorado]

Alex Montoya    Actor Alex Montoya
[1907 - Alex Montoya, actor, born in El Paso, Texas]

Actor Robert Beatty    Actor Robert Beatty    Actor Robert Beatty
[1909 - Robert Beatty, actor, born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada]

Columnest Jack Anderson    Columnest Jack Anderson
[1922 - Jackson Northman 'Jack' Anderson, investigative journalist, columnist,
author, born in Long Beach, California]

Mariner 5 Venus fly-by
[1967 - The Mariner 5 spacecraft makes a fly-by of the Planet Venus]

The Rhinockwurst

The Rhinockwurst has a very large horn.

Baby Rhino
Some say he has had it since he was born.

Mother Rhino with Baby Rhino
Unless you are its baby it is best not to play;
Rhino charging
And by way things look, be careful what you say.

William's Whimsical Words:

Humans aren't welcome for a piggy-back ride,
And when it comes for you, do step aside.

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