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Franklin bifocals Monday, October 17, 2016

Actress Spring Byington    Actress Spring Byington
[1893 - Spring Byington, actress, born in Denver, Colorado]

Actress Jean Arthur    Actress Jean Arthur    Actress Jean Arthur    Actress Jean Arthur
[1900 - Jean Arthur (Gladys Georgianna Greene), actress, born in Plattsburgh, New York]

Actor John Marley    Actor John Marley
[1907 - John Marley, actor, born in New York City]

Cartoonist Jerry Siegel    Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster's Superman    Cartoonists Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster
[1914 - Jerry (Jerome) Siegel, cartoonist, Superman co-creator, born in Cleveland, Ohio]

Arthur Miller    Author Arthur Miller    Writer Arthur Miller    Playwright Arthur Miller
[1915 - Arthur Miller, Tony & Emmy award-winning playwright, author, born in New York City]

Actress Rita Hayworth    Actress Rita Hayworth    Actress Rita Hayworth
[1918 - Rita Hayworth (Margarita Carmen Cansino), actress, born in Brooklyn]

Actor Montgomery Clift    Actor Montgomery Clift    Actor Montgomery Clift    Actor Montgomery Clift
[1920 - (Edward) Montgomery Clift, actor, born in Omaha, Nebraska]

Comedian Tom Poston    Comedian Tom Poston
[1921 - Tom Poston, Emmy Award-winning comedian, born in Columbus, Ohio]

Football Coach Don Coryell    Football Coach Don Coryell    Football Coach Don Coryell    Football Coach Don Coryell
[1924 - Don (Donald David) Coryell, College and Pro football coach, born in Seattle, Washington]

Dr. Robert C. Atkins   Dr. Robert C. Atkins
[1930 - Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins, physician, dietician, born in Columbus, Ohio]

Daredevil Evil Knievel
[1938 - Evel Knievel (Robert Craig), motorcycle daredevil, born in Butte, Montana]

[1961 - Paris police massacre over 200 Algerians marching in support of peace talks]

Arab oil ministry    oil embargo gasline lines in the USA
[1973 - OPEC oil embargo by the Arab states against the USA begins]

Earthquake damage to I-580 freeway in 1989
[1989 - San Francisco, Oakland, and entire Bay Area are rocked by the deadly Loma Prieta earthquake]

Twinkle, Twinkle, You're No Star

Twinkle, transmit, little satellite,
I wonder where you are tonight.
Up above the world so high,
Like a spy there in the sky.

artist drawing of spy satellite    Caltech aerial spy photo showing terrorist threat

William's Whimsical Words:

Hey, isn't that you in the photo? Smile, you're on Candid Camera. (Original Reality Show)

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