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Franklin bifocals Saturday, October 15, 2016

Poet Publius Vergilius Maro    Roman Poet Virgil
[70 B.C. - Virgil, poet, born in the Andes region, near Mantua, Italy]

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche    Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche    Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche    Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche    Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche
[1844 - Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher, born in Rocken bei Lutzen, Prussia]

Boxing Champ John L. Sulliivan    Heaveyweight Champion John L. Sulliivan
[1858 - John L. Sullivan, Boxing Hall of Fame Heavyweight champion, born in Roxbury, Boston]

Writer P. G. Wodehouse    Writer P. G. Wodehouse    Writer P. G. Wodehouse    P. G. Wodehouse
[1881 - P.G. Wodehouse, comic novelist, born in Guildford, Surrey, England]

Actor Fritz Feld    Actor Fritz Feld
[1900 - Fritz Feld (Feilchenfeld), actor, born in Berlin]

Director Mervyn Leroy    Academy Award-winning Director Mervyn Leroy    Director Mervyn Leroy
[1900 - Mervyn LeRoy, Academy Award-winning director, born in San Francisco]

John Kenneth Galbraith    Economist John K. Galbraith    Ambassador John Kenneth Galbraith
[1908 - John Kenneth Galbraith, economist, author, presidential advisor, US Ambassador to India, born in Iona Station, Ontario, Canada]

Journalist Robert Trout    Journalist Robert Trout
[1909 - Robert Trout (Robert Albert Blondheim), journalist, born in Wake County, North Carolina]

Arthur Schlesinger    Author Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.    Author & Historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.    Historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
[1917 - Arthur (Meier) Schlesinger, Jr., Pulitzer Prize-winning author, historian, born in Columbus, Ohio]

Writer Mario Puzo    Writer Mario Puzo    Screenwriter Mario Puzo    Screenwriter Mario Puzo
[1920 - Mario Puzo, novelist, screenwriter, born in New York City]

Actress Jean Peters    Actress Jean Peters    Actress Jean Peters
[1926 - (Elizabeth) Jean Peters, actress, born in Canton, Ohio]

Nigerian Superstar Fela Kuti
[1938 - Fela Anikupalo Kuti, musician, composer, born in
Abeokuta, Nigeria]

Herman Goering at Nuremburg War Crimes Trial
[1946 - Herman Goering, Nazi, dies by his own hand while under an Allied death sentence]

The Sensitive Male

Seldom does one encounter a woman who doesn't profess a desire for a mate or a date with greater sensitivity. Men, listen to me; this is a trap. No sooner does the hapless male reveal his sensitivity than do those of the female persuasion rush in to exploit this vulnerability. Nine out of ten women will interpret male sensitivity as weakness, followed closely by diminished respect, and, in the extreme, by complete disdain for the caveman turned cuddle bunny. The Tenth Woman actually is seeking the more sensitive male because he will be easier to control and dominate.

Should you encounter one of these latter Amazon types, immediate action is required. Wait for the next opportunity to use your most potent sucker-punch, go to a neutral corner, and pray that the count reaches ten before she gets up off the canvas. Then go to the nearest neighborhood tavern and share your close call with the bartender.

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