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Franklin bifocals Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Roman Colosseum
[80 C.E. - The Roman Colosseum is completed]

Henry J. Heinz    Henry J. Heinz    Ketsup Mogul Henry J. Heinz
[1844 - Henry J.(John) Heinz, condiments magnate, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

The First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt    First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt    First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
[1884 - First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt born in New York City]

Young Willie Hoppe    Billiards Champ Willie Hoppe    Billiards Master Willie Hoppe
[1887 - Willie (William Frederick) Hoppe, Billiard Congress of America Hall of Famer, born in Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, New York]

Cosmetics Mogul Charles Revson
[1906 - Charles Haskell Revson, cosmetics mogul, born in Montreal, Quebec]

Journalist Joseph Alsop    Columnist Joseph Alsop
[1910 - Joseph W. Alsop, V., newspaper journalist, columnist, born in Avon, Connecticut]

Dancer Jerome Robbins    Choreographer Jerome Robbins    Choreographer Jerome Robbins Director Jerome Robbins
[1918 - Jerome Robbins (Rabinowitz), dancer, Tony-winning choreographer, Academy Award-winning director, born in New York City]

Jazz Drummer Art Blakey    Jazz Drummer Art Blakey    Jazz Musician Art Blakey    Bandleader Art Blakey
[1919 - Art Blakey, jazz drummer, bandleader, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Author Elmore John Leonard    Author Elmore John Leonard    Author Elmore John Leonard    Author Elmore John Leonard
[1925 - Elmore John Leonard, Jr, author, born in New Orleans, Louisiana]

Commedian George Carlin
[1975 - Saturday Night Live debuts
with George Carlin as guest host]

Right From Wrong

This planet is peopled with too many folks who are seldom right but who are never wrong, and are committed to telling you about it.

William's Whimsical Words:

And most of them are talking loud enough to drown out their neighbors.

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