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Ben Franklin's bifocals Moday, October 3, 2016

Actress Gertrude Berg    Gertrude Berg as Molly Goldberg
[1899 - Gertrude Berg (Tilly Edelstein), actress, born in Harlem]

Writer Thomas Wolfe    Writer Thomas Wolfe    Writer Thomas Wolfe    Writer Thomas Wolfe    Writer Thomas Wolfe
[1900 - Thomas Wolfe, author, born in Asheville, North Carolina]

Songwriter Johnny Burke   Johnny Burke album
[1908 - Johnny Burke, Academy Award-winning composer, lyricist, born in Antioch, California]

Veterinarian James Alfred Herriot    Author James Herriot    Veterinarian James Alfred Herriot Veterinarian James Alfred Herriot
[1916 - James Herriot (James Alfred Wight), veterinarian, author, born in Sunderland, County Durham, England]

USS Olympia
[1921 - USS Olympia sails for France to bring home an Unknown Soldier from World War I for Arlington burial]

Harvey Kurtzman    Cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman    Satirist Harvey Kurtzman    Satirist Harvey Kurtzman
[1924 - Harvey Kurtzman, cartoonist, satirist, Mad Magazine creator, born in Brooklyn]

Writer Gore Vidal    Writer Gore Vidal    Writer Gore Vidal    Writer Gore Vidal
[1925 - (Eugene Luther) Gore Vidal, writer, born in West Point, New York]

Dancer Erik Bruhn    Choreographer Erik Bruhn    Dancer & Choreographer Erik Bruhn
[1928 - Erik Bruhn, ballet dancer, choreographer, born in Copenhagen, Denmark]

Hall of Fame Goalie Glenn Hall    Hall of Fame Goalie Glenn Hall
[1931 - Glenn Henry "Mr. Goalie" Hall, Hockey Hall of Fame goalie, born in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada]

Rocker Eddie Cochran    Rocker Eddie Cochran
[1938 - Eddie (Edward Ray) Cochran, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer,
guitarist, born in Albert Lea, Minnesota]

Stevie Ray Vaughan    Blues Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan    Blues Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan    Stevie Ray Vaughan
[1954 - Stevie Ray Vaughan, Grammy Award-winning blues guitarist, born in Dallas, Texas]

Berlin Wall - 1989
[1990 - Unity Day, East and West Germany reunite after 45 years]

One Mourning

One misty, moisty morning,
When cloudy was the weather,
I chanced to see an acid rain
Falling on the heather.

Climate weirder by the day,
Went to EPA to complain,
How dare you? They say,
And how dare you?
We're under orders to abstain.

acid rain damage in forest

William's Whimsical Words:

The acid rain must have fallen on the White House rose garden, because the government actually did something about it. The current Congress, however, remains steadfastly impotent.

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