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Ben Franklin's bifocals Thursday, September 22, 2016   rosh hashannah

Autumnal Equinox    Fall

American Patriot Nathan Hale    American Patriot Nathan Hale
[1776 - Nathan Hale, Revolutionary war patriot, is hanged for spying on the British]

Physicist Michael Faraday   Physicist & Chemist Michael Faraday
[1791 - Michael Faraday, scientist, born in Newington Butts, South London, England]

Actor Paul Muni    Actor Paul Muni    Actor Paul Muni
[1895 - Paul Muni (Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund), Academy & Tony Award-winning actor, born in Lviv, Ukraine]

Actor John Houseman    Actor John Houseman    Actor John Houseman    Actor John Houseman
[1902 - John Houseman (Jacques Haussmann), Academy Award-winning actor, producer, born in Bucharest, Romania]

Actress Martha Scott    Actress Martha Scott
[1914 - Martha Ellen Scott, actress, born in Jamesport, Missouri]

Hall of Fame Pitcher Bob Lemon    Hall of Fame Pitcher Bob Lemon    Bob Lemon Hall of Fame plaque    Hall of Fame Pitcher Bob Lemon
[1920 - Robert Granville 'Bob' Lemon, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, manager, born in San Bernardino, California]

Actor Eugene Roche    Writer Eugene Roche    Actor Eugene Roche    Actor John Houseman
[1928 - Eugene Roche, actor, writer, born in Boston, Massachusetts]

Duke Snider hits another one out of the park
[1957 - Duke Snider hits the last home run at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field]

Fiddler on the Roof playbill    Zerp Mostel as Tevye
[1964 - Fiddler on the Roof opens on Broadway with Zero Mostel in the lead role; it runs for 3,242 performances]

Interpreter Not Required

Your relationship to the God you may believe in is much too important a matter to be left to organized religion or any of its practitioners, gurus, priests, shamans, rabbis, imams, or other alleged holy men.

William's Whimsical Words:

Religious practitioners are either self-appointed, self-anointed or ordained by others of their kind.

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