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Ben Franklin's bifocals Thursday, September 19, 2013

Comedian Ben Turpin    Comedian Ben Turpin    Actor Ben Turpin
[1869 - Ben (Bernard) Turpin, comedian, actor, born in New Orleans]

Lawyer Leon Jaworski   Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski
[1905 - Leon Jaworski, attorney, Watergate special prosecutor, born in Waco, Texas]

Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.    Justice Lewis F. Powell     Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell
[1907 - Lewis F. Powell, Jr., attorney, Supreme Court Justice, born in Suffolk, Virginia]

Writer William Golding    Nobel Laureate Writer William Golding
[1911 - Sir William Golding, Nobel Prize-winning writer, born near Newquay, Cornwall, England]

Actress Frances Farmer    Actress Frances Farmer    Actress Frances Farmer
[1913 - Frances Elena Farmer, actress, born in Seattle, Washington]

Hall of Famer Duke Snider    Dodger Center Fielder Duke Snider    Dodger Hall of Famer Duke Snider    Hall of Famer Duke Snider
[1926 - 'Duke' (Edwin Donald) Snider, 'The Duke of Flatbush', Dodgers Baseball Hall of Famer, born in Los Angeles]

Singer Brook Benton    Singer Brook Benton
[1931 - Brook Benton (Benjamin Franklin Peay), singer, born in Lugoff, South Carolina]

Jornalist Mike Royko    Columnist Mike Royko    Columnist Mike Royko
[1932 - Michael "Mike" Royko, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, born in Chicago]

Singer Mama Cass Elliot
[1941 - 'Mama' Cass Elliott (Ellen Naomi Cohen),
singer, born in Baltimore, Maryland]

Dinner Is Served

a lion couple

At sundown, if females hunted not,
Would males rush out to make a kill?
How great a hunger is their lot,
Before the pride can eat its fill?

How many sundowns come and go,
'Til males o'er come their foolish pride?
Couldst bring down scarce prey in snow?
Or should females take the cubs to hide?

You knew me well 'fore mated we became.
Am I not true, and often just the same?
I can take all the family out to dinner,
Cook the meal; lest we end much thinner.

male lion

William's Whimsical Words:

And have you never heard me roar?
Please, Dear, go out to the store.

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