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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, September 15, 2008

Writer James Fenimore Cooper
[1789 - James Fenimore Cooper, novelist, born in Burlington, New Jersey]

President & Chief Justice William Howard Taft 27th President William H. Taft
[1857 - William Howard Taft, 27th President, Supreme Court Chief
Justice, born in Cincinnati, Ohio]

Humorist & Writer Robert Benchley
[1889 - Robert Benchley, humorist, author, born in Worcester, Massachusetts]

Mystery Writer Agatha Christie
[1890 - Agatha (Marie Clarissa) Christie (Miller),
writer, born in Torquay, Devon, England]

King of Country Music Roy Acuff
[1903 - Roy Claxton Acuff, Country Music great, born in Maynardville, Tennessee]

Nobel Laureate Murray Gell-Mann
[1929 - Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel physicist, born in New York City]

[1935 - Nuremberg Laws are enacted in Nazi Germany]

Inchon landings
[1950 - U.N. forces make amphibious landings at Inchon, South Korea]

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama
[1963 - Four Black children are killed by a KKK bomb at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church,
Birmingham, Alabama, during Sunday services]

Mouth and Money

President Bush, speaking to the nation in years past about the threat posed by militant Islamic extremists, told us:

And we have learned that their goal is to build a radical Islamic empire where women are prisoners in their homes, men are beaten for missing prayer meetings, and terrorists have a safe haven to plan and launch attacks on America and other civilized nations. The war against this enemy is more than a military conflict. It is the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century, and the calling of our generation.

If this is not more rhetoric intended to scare the American people into voting Republican in the next election, then I suggest to you Mr. President it is high time you did something more meaningful about this dire threat. No, I don't mean applying inadequate military force to Iran, as you did in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I will believe you, sir, when I see the following measures:

Both of your daughters enlist in the Armed Forces of the United States of America and volunteer for duty in Iraq.

You call upon Congress to reinstitute the draft and build an adequate military force to counter the threat.

You issue an executive order requiring all future military vehicles, ships, and aircraft to be powered by non-fossil fuels so as to reduce the stranglehold that the Islamic countries enjoy on us as a result of the U. S. dependence on foreign oil.

You call upon Congress to impose an emergency 25% tax on all imported petroleum products and rescind the tax cuts to the wealthy in order to pay for the additional burdens of homeland security.

You issue an executive order immediately instituting gas rationing throughout the United States to reduce the stranglehold that the Islamic countries exert on our economy as a result of the US dependence on foreign oil.

William's Whimsical Words:

Isn't it time, Mr. President, that you put this nation's resources where your mouth says they should be?

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