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Monday, September 12, 2005

H. L. Mencken
[1880 - H. L. Mencken born in Baltimore]

Our Lady . Statue of Liberty

She stands at seaward portal to the greatest city of the greatest country.
Not astride the harbor like some giant colossus of the ancient world.
Quietly, off to one side, like a lady, demure, so all eyes are drawn to her.

You can ride the Staten Island Ferry for no dollars and with no sense.
You will pass her close enough to blow her a kiss.
You should do it, for she is beautiful, and she likes to be kissed.

She held her torch aloft for over a century, and seemed never to tire.
A few years ago, Oprah gave her a makeover and she got a face lift.
Some said she needed it. I never thought it necessary.

In Fall 2001, out of her left eye, she saw the Twin Towers burn and fall.
One tear also fell onto her pedestal, but made no sound and left no mark.
Now she weeps in the early morning when the ferry runs less frequently.

World Trade Center & Lady Liberty

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What Have You Done To My Country?

Statue of Liberty

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