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Ben Franklin's bifocals Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mountain Meadows massacre site
[1857 - Mormons massacre about 120 wagon train emigrants at Mountain Meadows, Utah]

Writer O. Henry    Short Story Writer O. Henry
[1862 - O. Henry (William Sydney Porter), short story writer, born in Greensboro, North Carolina]

Writer D. H. Lawrence    Writer D. H. Lawrence    Writer D. H. Lawrence
[1885 - D.H. (David Herbert) Lawrence, writer, born in Eastwood, Nottingham shire, England]

Acrtor Freeman Lusk
[1906 - Freeman Edgar Lusk, actor, born
in Huntington Park, California]

Actress Anne Seymour    Actress Anne Seymour
[1909 - Anne Seymour (Eckert), actress, born in New York City]

Coach Bear Bryant
[1913 - Paul William 'Bear' Bryant, college
football coach, born in Moro Bottom, Arkansas]

Cowboy Coach Tom Landry    Cowboy Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry    Cowboy Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry    Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry
[1924 - Tom Landry, Pro Football Hall of Fame coach, born in Mission, Texas]

[2001 - Religious fanatics destroy the World Trade Center, damage the Pentagon, and cause loss of three civilian airliners]

9-11 Revisited

WTC South Tower Attack

What kind of a man could write about that day?
How find the right words; what would they say?
Shock, Horror, Fear, Anger, Grief and Mourning.
We passed through all stages in a single morning.

The TV pictures of the twin towers falling.
Counting the victims; the losses appalling.
Then awful darkness that shrouded Manhattan,
WTC Attack - that night
Searing each brain with its terrible vision.

But William remembered an earlier horror,
An image from childhood filled with terror.
Peered at the cloud that hung like a drape,
Was relieved that it formed no mushroom shape.

A-Bomb Mushroom Cloud

William's Whimsical Words:

Duck and cover.

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