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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, September 9, 2008

California Bear Flag
[1850 - California becomes the 31st of the United States of America]

Colonel Harland Sanders
[1890 - Harland David (Colonel) Sanders, businessman, born in Henryville, Indiana]

Producer Joseph Levine
[1905 - Joseph E. Levine, movie producer, born in Boston, Massachusetts]

Soul Singer Otis Redding
[1941 - Otis (Ray) Redding, Jr., soul singer, born in Dawson, Georgia]

actual computer bug
[1945 - LT Grace Hopper, USN, performs first debugging, removing a moth from Mark II computer relay]

Sandy Koufax at work
[1965 - Sandy Koufax pitches the eighth perfect game in major-league baseball history]

Aftermath of Attica Riot scene
[1971 - Prisoners riot at maximum-security Attica Prison near Buffalo, New York]

No Cat For Dinner

Cats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
No one here is getting thinner.
When it comes to the evening meal,
Cats have lost their crowd appeal.

Poor cats, they do not comprehend,
Why they no longer have a friend.
Still they appear at dinner table.
Clean and polite as they are able.

No longer welcome in the family.
Swept aside and treated badly.
What have we done to rouse your ire?
We don't complain; nor do conspire.

We don't eat much.
We aren't fussy.
So share with us,
Heavy-handed hussy.

William's Whimsical Words:

Can't we just get along?

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