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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, September 2, 2013    Labor Day    Labor Day

Rock Springs Chinese massacre of 1885
[1885 - White coal miners attack and massacre Chinese co-workers in Rock Springs, Wyoming]

Guitarist Laurindo Almeida    Guitarist & Composer Laurindo Almeida    Musician & Composer Laurindo Almeida
[1917 - Laurindo Almeida, Grammy Award-winning composer, guitarist, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil]

Writer Cleveland Amory    Writer Cleveland Amory with Peg
[1917 - Cleveland Amory, writer, animal activist, born in Nahant, Massachusetts]

Writer Allen Drury    Writer Allen Drury in his habitat
[1918 - Allen Drury, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, born in Houston, Texas]

USS Missouri(BB-63) - Japanese Delegation

USS Missouri(BB-63) - Japan signs surrender

USS Missouri - Fleet Admiral Nimitz signs
USS Missouri(BB-63)in Tokyo Bay day of signing
[1945 - President Truman proclaims V-J Day as Japanese sign surrender instrument aboard USS Missouri(BB-63)]

Musician Billy Preston    Soul Man Billy Preston
[1946 - Billy Preston, musician, songwriter, singer, born in Houston, Texas]

Astronaut Christa McAuliffe   Astronaut Christa McAuliffe weightless flight training
[1948 - Christa McAuliffe (Sharon Christa Corrigan), teacher, astronaut, born in Boston, Massachusetts]

Indelible Images

New Orleans Rooftop SOS

President Bush selling Medicare drug program while New Orleans drowns
As New Orleans drowns, President Bush stays the course with his original schedule,
and goes off to sell his prescription drug plan to incredulous seniors.

New Orleans roof scene 2005    President Bush sees Katrina from his sky box
As the poor folks await rescue in the lower levels of New Orleans, President Bush descends from the heavens in Air Force One to peer at them.

Compassionate Conservatism inaction.

William's Whimsical Words:

Now we have learned that Katrina was not a natural disaster. It was a hurricane that was turned into a man-made disaster by malfeasance in the Army Corps of Engineers that permitted some of the levees that failed to be literally built on sand.

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