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Ben Franklin's bifocals Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maria Montessori as a young doctor    Educator Maria Montessori    Maria Montessori teaching child    Educator Maria Montessori
[1870 - Maria Montessori, physician, educator, born in Chiaravalle, Italy]

Fredric March    Tony Award-winning Actor Fredric March    Tony & Academy Award-winning actor Fredric March
[1897 - Fredric March (Ernest Frederick McIntyre Bickel), Tony & Academy Award-winning actor, born in Racine, Wisconsin]

New Yorker Editor William Shawn
[1907 - William Shawn, editor The New Yorker
magazine, born in Chicago]

Writer William Saroyan    Novelist & Playwright William Saroyan
[1908 - William Saroyan, novelist, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, born
in Fresno, California]

Actor Richard Basehart    Actor Richard Basehart
[1914 - (John) Richard Basehart, actor, born in Zanesville, Ohio]

Daniel Schorr    Journalist Daniel Schorr
[1916 - Daniel Louis Schorr, journalist, commentator, born in the Bronx]

Lyricist and Librettist Alan Jay Lerner    Librettist Alan Lerner with Frederick Loewe at the piano    Librettist Alan Jay Lerner
[1918 - Alan Jay Lerner, Songwriter, lyricist and librettist, born in New York City]

Actor Buddy Hackett   Comedian Buddy Hackett    Comedian Buddy Hackett
[1924 - Buddy Hackett (Leonard Hacker), comedian, actor, born in Brooklyn]

Young Actor James Coburn    Actor James Coburn    Actor James Coburn    Actor James Coburn
[1928 - James Coburn, actor, born in Laurel, Nebraska]

Hockey Great Jean Beliveau
[1931 - Jean Beliveau, Hockey Hall of Famer,
born in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada]

The Cow

Two cows drinking water

The Cow is a bovine of that ilk,
That chews her cud, and gives her very best effort.
When you rub her large, wet nose,
It seems smooth as satin, I suppose.

Forgive me, if right on I do prattle,
About herds of Cows that we call cattle.
We keep them in pens so they will fatten,
But you won't find many in Manchester.

Happy Cows frolicking and dancing

William's Whimsical Words:


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