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Ben Franklin's bifocals Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aviation Pioneer Samuel Langley    Aviation Pioneer Samuel P. Langley
[1834 - Samuel Pierpont Langley, aviation pioneer, born in Roxbury, Massachusetts]

Publisher Melville E. Stone    Publisher Melville E. Stone
[1848 - Melville Elijah Stone, journalist, publisher, born in Hudson, Illinois]

Composer Claude Debussy in 1885    Composer Claude Debussy    Composer Claude Debussy
[1862 - Claude Debussy, composer, born in St. Germain-en-Laye, France]

Poet Dorothy Parker    Writer, Critic Dorothy Parker
[1893 - Dorothy Parker(Rothschild), writer, born in Long Branch, New Jersey]

Bluesman John Lee Hooker    Bluesman John Lee Hooker    Bluesman John Lee Hooker    Bluesman, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer John Lee Hooker
[1917 - John Lee Hooker, musician, born in Clarksdale, Mississippi]

Writer Ray Bradbury    Writer Ray Bradbury    Writer Ray Bradbury    Writer Ray Bradbury
[1920 - Ray Douglas Bradbury, writer, born in Waukegan, Illinois]

Actress Sylva Koscina    Film Star Sylva Koscina
[1933 - Sylva Koscina, actress, born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia]

Actress Diana Sands    Actress Diana Sands    Actress Diana Sands    Actress Diana Sands
[1934 - Diana Patricia Sands, actress, born in New York City]

Picture Pornography

Would someone please explain why explicit photos of consenting adults engaging in sexual acts are considered pornographic while explicit photos of war scenes with human beings being torn apart, killed, and maimed are just news. Sexual acts are frequently motivated by love or affection, generally do no harm, and often result in pleasure. Warlike acts are usually motivated by hatred and revenge, result in death and disfigurement, and always result in harm. Come on, CNN, Fox News, et al.; enlighten us.

William's Whimsical Words:

Is it helpful that one US Supreme Court Justice reassured us that he knew pornography when he saw it?

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