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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, August 19, 2013

Clockmaker Seth Thomas   Clockmaker Seth Thomas' factory
[1785 - Seth Thomas, clock maker, born in Wolcott, Connecticut]

USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere
[1812 - USS Constitution defeats HMS Guerriere in a sea battle]

Bernard Baruch     Statesman Bernard Baruch
[1870 - Bernard (Mannes) Baruch, financier, statesman, presidential advisor, born in Camden, South Carolina]

Aviation Pioneer Orville Wright    Aviation Pioneer Orville Wright
[1871 - Orville Wright, aviator, aviation pioneer, born in Dayton, Ohio]

Poet Ogden Nash    Humorist & Poet Ogden Nash    Humorist & Poet Ogden Nash
[1902 - (Frederick) Ogden Nash, poet, humorist, writer, born in Rye, New York]

Writer James Cozzens    Writer James Cozzens
[1903 - James Gould Cozzens, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, born in Chicago]

Actor Claude Dauphin    Actor Claude Dauphin
[1903 - Claude (Legrand) Dauphin (Franc-Nohain), actor, born in Corbeil-Essonnes, Paris]

Race at the Indianapolis Speedway in 1909
[1909 - The first race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is held]

Screenwriter Ring Lardner, Jr.    Screenwriter Ring Lardner, Jr.    Oscar-winning screenwriter Ring Lardner, Jr.
[1915 - Ring Lardner, Jr. (Ringgold Wilmer Lardner, Jr.), Academy Award-winning screenwriter, born in Chicago]

Comedienne & Actress Marie Wilson
[1916 - Marie (Katherine Elizabeth) Wilson (Fallon), actress, comedienne, born in Anaheim, California]

Publisher Malcolm S. Forbes   Publisher Malcolm S. Forbes
[1919 - Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, publisher, capitalist, born in Brooklyn]

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry    Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry    Producer Gene Roddenberry
[1921 - Gene Roddenberry, executive producer Star Trek, born in El Paso, Texas]

Actor William Marshall   Actor William Marshall
[1924 - William Horace Marshall, TV and film actor, born in Gary, Indiana]

Ballets Russes founder Sergei Diaghilev
[1929 - Sergei P. Diaghilev, founder
Ballets Russes, dies at age 57]

Jockey Bill Shoemaker    Jockey Bill Shoemaker with Swaps
[1931 - William Lee 'Willie' Shoemaker, jockey, born in Fabens, Texas]

Owed to Ogden Nash

Humorist & Poet Ogden Nash

Most say Ogden Nash was a comic poet.
Just read him and you will surely know it.
Now, was he a comic who set his work to verse,
Or a poet with a vision of a world perverse?

He is gone now; he no Baby-boomer.
But his writings preserve his sense of humor.
Who cares if his verse took liberties with meter.
If liquor is quicker, why candy is sweeter.

Gently he wrote of animals and children.
He described them in ways that with whimsy filled them.
He spoke to us of the cow and the camel.
With imagination that was untrammel.

William's Whimsical Words:

I admit that you are more clever than I.
You will never be mistaken for a Ham from Rye.
I salute you, dear Ogden, in your sleep,
And pray this won't make you Nash your teeth.

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