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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, August 12, 2013

Robert Mills    The Washington Monument at dusk    Architect Robert Mills
[1781 - Robert Mills, architect (The Washington Monument), born in Charleston, South Carolina]

Artist Abbott Thayer    Artist Abbott Thayer's Angel
[1849 - Abbott Thayer, artist, born in Boston, Massachusetts]

Inventor Thomas A. Edison
[1877 - Thomas Alva Edison completes his first phonograph]

Christy Mathewson   Pitcher Christy Mathewson    Hall of Famer Christy Mathewson    Pitcher Christy Mathewson
[1880 - Christopher 'Christy' Mathewson, Hall of Fame New York Giants baseball pitcher, born in Factoryville, Pennsylvania]

Director Cecil B. deMille    Producer Cecil B. deMille    Producer Cecil B. deMille
[1881 - Cecil Blount deMille, producer, director, born in Ashfield, Massachusetts]

Actor Alfred Lunt    Actor Alfred Lunt
[1892 - Alfred Lunt, Tony Award-winning actor, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

Actress Jane Wyatt
[1910 - Jane Wyatt, Emmy Award-winning
actress, born in Campgaw, New Jersey]

Comedian Cantinflas    Comedian Cantinflas
[1911 - Cantinflas (Mario Moreno Reyes), comedian, actor, born in Mexico City]

Actor & Choreographer Michael Kidd    Dancer & Choreographer Michael Kidd
[1915 - Michael Kidd (Milton Greenwald), dancer, actor, choreographer, born in Brooklyn]

Country Music Star Porter Wagoner    Country Music Star Porter Wagoner
[1927 - Porter Wayne Wagoner, singer, songwriter, born in West Plains, Missouri]

[1972 - Last American combat ground troops leave Vietnam]

Real Poets

Poet at his writing desk

Self-anointed Poets never come,
From the unwashed proletariat.
Much in favor is the chosen one
Appointed as the Poet Laureate.

cowboy at the open mike
Cowboy Poets never teach.
Nor do they bunk in at a Marriott.
Real Poets don't eat quiche.
They Lasso words with a Poet Lariat.

cowgirl roping cowboy tying up cow with rope

William's Whimsical Words:

Poorwilliam makes his rhymes.
But he cannot twirl a rope.
Pity him, as in these times,
Clearly he's beyond all hope.

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