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Ben Franklin's bifocals Friday, August 9, 2013

King Leonidas' bust
[480 BCE - Spartan King Leonidas & 300 comrades die at Thermopylae Pass]

Thermopylae Memorial
"O stranger passing by, go tell the Lacedaemonians
	that here, faithful to their bidding, we lie"

Compleat Angler Sir Izaak Walton    Compleat Angler Sir Izaak Walton    Sir Izaac Walton
[1593 - Izaak Walton, fisherman, writer, born in Stafford, England]

Violinist Zino Francescatti    Violin Virtuoso Zino Francescatti
[1902 - Zino (Rene) Francescatti, concert violinist, born in Marseilles, France]

Director Robert Aldrich    Director Robert Aldrich    Director Robert Aldrich
[1918 - Robert Aldrich, director, born in Cranston, Rhode Island]

Actor Robert Shaw    Actor Robert Shaw
[1927 - Robert Archibald Shaw, actor, born in Westhoughton, Lancashire, England]

Big Daddy Lipscomb is coming   Gene Lipscomb wrestling off season    Gene 'Big Daddy' Lipscomb
[1931 - Gene 'Big Daddy' Lipscomb (Eugene Allen Lipscomb), pro football star, wrestler, born in Uniontown, Alabama]

Songwriter Merle Kilgore    Songwriter Merle Kilgore with Elvis
[1934 - Merle Kilgore, Hall of Fame Songwriter, born in Chickasha, Oklahoma]

Nagasaki atomic cloud
[1945 - US drops second atomic bomb on Japan at Nagasaki, Kyushu]

Singer Whitney Houston    Actress Whitney Houston    Singer Whitney Houston    Actress Whitney Houston    Singer Whitney Houston
[1963 - Whitney Houston, Grammy Award-winning singer, actress, born in Newark, New Jersey]

Actress Sharon Tate, Manson murder victim
[1969 - Sharon Tate, actress, is killed by Manson Clan]

President Gerald Ford
[1974 - Richard Nixon resigns,
Gerald Ford becomes 38th president]

Bottom Line

The most overrated thing on this planet is mediocre sex.
The most underrated thing on this planet is a really good bowel movement.

William's Whimsical Words:

Do not forget to flush.

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