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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, August 5, 2013

Writer Guy de Maupassant    Writer Guy de Maupassant
[1850 - Guy de Maupassant, writer, born near Dieppe, France]

Adventurer Julia Holmes    Pikes Peak    Julia A. Holmes
[1858 - Julia Archibald Holmes is the first woman to reach the summit of Pikes Peak]

Rear Admiral David G. Farragut, USN   Admiral David Farragut, USN
[1864 - Battle of Mobile Bay, RADM David Farragut: "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"]

[1884 - The Cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty is laid at Bedloe's (now Liberty) Island]

Writer Conrad Aiken    Writer Conrad Aiken
[1889 - Conrad Aiken, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, born in Savannah, Georgia]

   John Huston Director John Huston    Director John Huston
[1906 - John Huston, Academy Award-winning director, actor, writer, born in Nevada, Missouri]

Actor Robert Taylor    Actor Robert Taylor    Actor Robert Taylor
[1911 - Robert Taylor (Spangler Arlington Brugh), actor, born in Filley, Nebraska]

Singer Jeri Southern    Singer Jeri Southern
[1926 - Jeri Southern (Genevieve Lillian Hering), singer, born in Royal, Nebraska]

Astronaut Neil Armstrong    Astronaut Neil Armstrong    armstrong-neil5
[1930 - Neil Alden Armstrong, NASA astronaut, born near Wapakoneta, Ohio]

[1963 - United States, Great Britain & Soviet Union sign Nuclear Test Ban Treaty]

Olympic Marathon Champion Joan Benoit
[1984 - Joan Benoit wins first women's marathon
at Los Angeles Olympic Games]

Quiet Please

hospital sign patient in bed patient on gurney

Hospitals once were places of healing.
Stay in one today; it is most revealing.
You seek in vain for peace and quiet.
While around you swirls a noisy riot.

doctor snapping latex glove hospital rocking nurse with scalpel in hand

Around the clock you must awaken.
Vital signs recorded; meds are taken.
At your open door all chatter and laugh.
Patients be damned; They are The Staff.

doctor with syringe nurse offering thermometer nurse with pill tray

William's Whimsical Words:

Any fool knows that what a sick person needs and wants is rest and quiet. I challenge you to find either in a hospital.

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