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Ben Franklin's bifocals Saturday, August 2, 2008

Engineer Pierre L'Enfant
[1754 - Pierre Charles L'Enfant, architect, engineer, Revolutionary War Major, born in Paris]

Sculptor Frederic Bartholdi
Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty
[1834 - Frederic Bartholdi, sculptor, born in Colmar, France]

Artist John Sloan at work
[1871 - John French Sloan, artist, born in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania]

Movie Mogul Jack Warner
[1892 - Jack (Jacob) Warner, movie mogul,
born in London, Ontario, Canada]

Actress Myrna Loy
[1905 - Myrna (Adele) Loy (Williams), actress,
born in Radersburg, Montana]

Actress Beatrice Straight
[1918 - Beatrice Straight, Academy Award-winning actress,
born in Old Westbury, New York]

Writer James Baldwin
[1924 - James Baldwin, novelist, essayist,
playwright, born in New York City]

Actor Carroll O'Connor
[1924 - Carroll O'Connor, Emmy Award-
winning actor, born in The Bronx]

The Shirelles; Doris Kenner top left
[1941 - Doris (Coley) Kenner-Jackson, singer (Shirelles),
born in Goldsboro, North Carolina]

PT-109 aboard transport ship    PT-109 crew    LT John F. Kennedy
[1943 - Japanese destroyer rams PT-109 (LT John F. Kennedy Commanding); it sinks off Solomon Islands]


On this auspicious date two French men who figured prominently in the early history of these United States of America were born. The first of these gentlemen so impressed General George Washington with his service on behalf of the Colonies during the Revolutionary War that when the time came to plan and design the future capitol of the USA, he selected Pierre L'Enfant for the job. The other gent, Frederic Bartholdi, born into a later century, was the sculptor who created the Statue of Liberty that was a gift to our country from the People of France.

To those who gave up eating french-fried potatoes when France declined to join with us in our holy crusade of revenge against the Muslim world for the horror of 9-11, poorwilliam says, "You really showed them. Keep up the good work!" Those of us who opposed and continue to oppose Bush's War in Iraq, will do our best to pick up the slack in demand for the potato delicacy. It is dirty work, but someone has to do it. We assume our task not based on false intelligence falsely spun, but grounded on plain historical fact. The two best known and most revered symbols of our democracy, The Nation's Capitol and the Statue of Liberty, are gifts for which thanks are due the French People.

William's Whimsical Words:

You will have to pry the last french fry from betwixt my cold, dead lips.

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