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Ben Franklin's bifocals Sunday, July 31, 2005

John Ericsson John Ericsson Statue
[1803 - John Ericsson, naval architect, inventor, born in Langbanshyttan, Wermland, Sweden]

Milton Friedman
[1912 - Milton Friedman, Nobel prize economist, born in Brooklyn, New York]

Grandpa Moment #2

Grandson number two (precocious three-year-old) came to visit again and brought his mom. Grandma got him a kids basketball set that was set up in the laundry room where there is not much that is breakable. He runs to the hoop, dunks the ball, and hangs from the rim to show how it's done. Grandpa is suitably impressed. Clearly the little guy has watched an NBA game or two with dad.

Now, without pausing for breath, he runs the full length of the court. At the end of his sprint grandson goes down kind of hard.
"Why did you fall down, son?"
"I see the guys run into each other and fall down, grandpa."
"Well I am glad that you didn't crash into me because you sure run fast."
"Grandpa, does it hurt when they run into each other?"
"Sometimes, son; you don't like to hurt people, do you?
"No, grandpa, but sometimes I get mad."
"And when you get angry do you feel mean inside?"
"Yes, I do."
"Son, we all get those feelings, but I know that you have good in your heart so that you will do the right thing."
"I like talking about these things with you, grandpa."
"Here, catch this pass."

William's Whimsical Words:

Barely three, and he has the NBA all figured out. We say we go for those amazing athletic skills, but we really go to see the big guys crash into one another.

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